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Removing stains on the seat (and no they aren't skidmarks)

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I was wondering if anybody else has noticed how easily the seats with graphite cloth stain? I spilled some Sprite the other day and it has left this hellacious stain on the seat. Any ideas on removal? I would apprecite any help I can get. Thanks guys. (& gals)
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Well your not the only one with easily stained seats. Even from rain water hitting the seats. We get a lot of rain here in SC. For this reason I have been looking at getting some nice seat covers. I have looked and looked I don't want anything that looks crazy or furry (lol). I've seen some I like but they always have some stupid design on them or there some kind of racing seat covers with big logos on them. Anyone seen any plain nice looking 2 tone maybe like dark grey and silver or grey and black. let me know where I can get some.
You know what after thinking about this for a minute I bet its not the rainwater but the rainwater bouncing off of the arm rest with armorall on it then hitting the seat. Hmm wonder why I didnt think of this before. Guess I'm gonna have to break down and buy some window visors. .......Honey can I borrow some money. LOL
I think you were right the first time! I too have noticed water marks, especially on my back seats. We need to solve this one!
Go to a local upholstry store and ask for some stuff called "Clean-n-dri". we have used it in our acft interiors for works well.
M4ck the Nissan factory saet covers sound about like what you are saying. They are two tone neoprene black and gray. I bought mine from a TT site sponsor for under 320.00 delivered front and rear of my crew cab. Easy to install, look good for seat covers ( not as good as the leather I covered up) and have the titan name stitched in like the floor mats. Two drawbacks, the drivers side fits around the seat control levers close enough that shifting in the seat enough to get out my wallet at fast food places has twice caused the cover to pull the lever and the seat back starts playing venus flytrap, and the passenger one if the little tabs are tucked in that keep it pulled snug will make the light passenger airbag sensor problem worse. Sorry to any english teachers for the runon sentance. 8)
Thanks Just_Chris call me cheap though 320.00 seams steap for a set up seat covers. I am no rich man so I guess I will have to wait and see if any companies want to sponsor my truck and send me a free set LOL. Guess I'll have to pick up some cheapies at walmart or something. Till I hit the lottery.
Thanks for the post though and welcome aboard. Glad to see new blood.
I agree $320 is a little steep unless they are waterproof. I have seen a lot that are "water resistant" covers, but I want something waterproof so the seat stays clean.

I have info on some seats from "Marathon Seat Covers, Inc". They make a waterproof camo seat cover, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for except for 1 catch. The covers fade. According to the info they sent me: "Fading can occur, sometimes to a significant degree, within a few months of purchase." They go on to say that 303 makes a product that you can put on the covers every 30-45 days to prevent fading, but that's too much work.

Their website, for those interested is:
Sorry about hte double post. You could do the factory ones for just the front for half the price or there are some on Ebay. The neoprene ones say water resistant but liquids siy on top of mine giving me time to wipe it up. 8)
The neoprene sounds neat but doesnt that stuff tear easy. Maybe im thinking of the wrong thing. Kinda like wetsuit feeling stuff right.
I should clarify that the info I received was on the "camo" seat covers. I don't think their regular covers "fade", but you may want to research that.

The covers look well made. I just really want camo covers, but don't want to have them fade a month after I get them.
Feels like thin wetsuit material, but it has a coating on the back, not sure what. The little patches I removed for the power switches are pretty tough to try to tear. But that said I am not going to climb in with a screwdriver in my pocket and see how hard it is to tear one. 8)
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