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I have 1000 miles on the pads now. I actually have 1500 miles total on the set for the new rotors and the pads.

So far, no brake judder at all. Smooth as can be and VERY grabby. I do get a little squeal every once in a while, but not often. Brake dust is back. Not as bad as the original pads but not as good as the 2nd set of Nissan replacement pads I had and still had a warping issue.

My brakes warped in 3k of miles. They warped again in another 3k of miles. So this time I put these new pads on. And so far, and by now I at least notice a little vib, I haven't had a single problem.

These pads work! If you want the judder to be GONE, get these pads.

Just remember, break them in easy for the first 300 miles and get on them after that. I have had a few panic stops, even at highway speeds, and man, not a single vib!
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