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Saw my first '05 Titan Today

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I was at the local dealership today looking for my '04 KC Se when I saw a glimpse of a bright red Titan. I began walking over to it but my dealer ushered me over to some other Titans. He seemed to not want me to see the red beast but I persisted. I was right, it was an '05 Red Alert Nissan Titan KC SE 4x2, MSRP $25,880. A half hour before, the dealer was just telling me how they weren't getting in any '05's till January. I took some pics on my camera phone but I have'nt had any luck emailing them to myself so I can post. Sorry about the tease.
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ahh thats just wrong. LOL when you can get them posted and thanks for sharing. I have heard that most of the pictures sites are showing that are supposed to be the 05's are actually 04's so I am very interested in seeing them.
The only difference I really noticed was the new head rests. It also seemed like there was a little more lumbar support. But I could be wrong seeing as how I don't own and drive a Titan everyday. It was also getting dark.
Did you get to test drive it. Or just look at it.
I just looked at it, maybe I'll go back and take it for a spin. I wasn't a fan of the color though, I prefer the red brawn much more, the red alert made the truck look kind of cheap.
cheap... how, like a 2$ hooker in Mexico ?
I just really like the dimensional look of the other paints with their flakes/speckling/ the red alert was just solid red, nothing to it. Maybe like a $2 steak, just my opinion though.
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