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Saw my first Titan besides mine on the road!!!

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Well its been 2 months now I've had my Titan. Not once in the 2 months have I seen another Titan on the road. Finally last night on the way to my parents house I pass a black king cab XE. I ran him down too because I wanted to check it out and see what it looked like rolling down the road. He had passed me while I was at a stop light. About a minute passed and on green I punched it to catch up to him on Hwy 25 in SC coming out of Travelers Rest. I caught him and slowed down. He looked my truck over I looked his over then we both gave a mutual head nod. Then I punched it and went on about my business. It would have been nice to stop him and talk but I didn't have the time. I believe I will get a sticker for my window that will advertise this site so if it happens again they can look me up. Hopefully soon there will be enough in my area to have a good get together.
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I've seen 2 or 3 in my area. I've seen a black KingCab, another KingCab that looked green maybe? and I've seen another black one but I'm not sure if it's the same one or not. Haven't seen another CrewCab running around though, and haven't seen one that's Silver like mine.
I'm starting to see more around my area. I got mine in Feb and didn't see any for a few months. Now I see about one a week. I live in a tourist area, so I'm not sure if they are local or not. I still haven't seen one in my color yet.
I have had mine for a month now, and I have seen a black one 2 times in my town, and a white one about 28 miles away where I work. Where are the all, out west? You know, that would be a very interesting demographic, I wonder if Nissan has one?
I don't see a lot of them around, but earlier this evening I was surprised when we (wife & kid) were approaching our new smoke CC Titan in the parking lot at the buffet. Just as we were about to get in, another smoke CC Titan pulled in and parked right next to us. A lady got out of the passenger side and I couldn't resist, "They're twins!" She laughed and we traded a dozen words about how much we liked our rides.

Hmm... how's that for boring? Maybe I should have deleted this post....

??? I live in a subburb of Little Rock, about 15-20,000. Already, I've seen no less than 5 in my area. Seen several more in the Little Rock area. Still have only seen one Green one like mine.
i think i've seen 5 or 6 in my town. we lost our nissan dealership last year so there wont' be too many for a bit. a red one just arrived on my street this year.

i've seen 2 smokes, a white, a red, a silver and a black.

but it's rare to see them, especially in my small town. titan's still get the looks. dodge truck drivers in my down seeem to be ars holes for some reason...
OK, I know that this thread is two years old, but since it has been brought up, I will comment on it. When I first bought my titan, I got the first one to the Chattanooga area. People would about wreck looking at it trying to figure out what it was. I had a guy in a toyota about run into the car in front of me because of him looking back through the rear glass at it. Quite humorous.

But now they are absolutely everywhere around here.
Yeah I see a few in my parts too!! I see a few each day. There are atleast two in the neighborhood I live in.
That's funny, the first time I saw one it was silver with the lift kit and 35's. As the guy when by from a left tun he was smiling so big, I thought wtf was that, a week later, getting the P Finder serviced, I went across the lot and looked at the Titan. I said to the sales guy, Nissan makes a full size...they should stick to what they do best, a good v-6, and med size. He said I have the keys do you want to drive it, I said yes, ok. In 2 months I drove everything...I guess ya'll know the rest...
Everyday I see tons of titans. I've seen 7 so far today
jeez dragging up dead posts again huh
LoL...there's been alot of this lately!
i luv it!!!!!
I do too. I couldn't let it go. I had to post something on it. LOL
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