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You must be fed up with looking at that old boring seat belt. That is the original seat belt that came with the vehicle, and its starting say; “I’m tired!” That seat belt looks like it has more miles on it than the actual car. Some of the threads are loose, coffee stained fabric, seams that look like its been folded, chewed, dry rot from the summer heat, or ripped? Why still hold on to problems? You think it’s time to get a new one?

Your vehicle expresses who you are and your style. Why not customize every little detail with the repairs and replacements when you can. Even if you use your vehicle for strictly work, there is no sense is why you should not be comfortable with customizing it.

All the way down to the simple seat belt webbing should be customizable and that is why we are here. You spent your time and money on the vehicle, so you should be able to install a custom seat belt webbing when its time to repair it.

You have stumbled upon the right source that will allow you to install a custom seat belt webbing from over 25 different colors. We even have Gucci seat belts! We offer custom seat webbings for almost any make and model vehicle for your convenience. So you can put a custom seat belts bmw. Below is listed our color options.

Camo Green
Light Pink
Royal Blue
Baby Blue
Orange Trim Black
Yellow Trim Black
Red Trim Black
Neon Green
Navy Blue
Cobalt Blue
Elegant Red
Ferrari Red
If you don’t see the color of your choice in this list, we will do everything we can to acquire it for you. Contact our certified technician for more information on this process with the information provided here on our site.

The seat belts are mechanically stitched with an automatic sewing machine. We use 100% OEM material and put the seat belts themselves through extensive testing. Your safety is just as important to us, as your style.

With our large variety of options to choose from, you can repair your seat belt if you don’t want to get a new one. We will match the exact color and design of your original seat belt.

Ordering Process for a New Seat Belt Webbing Color
To get you the fastest response service as possible, follow these simple steps below to ensure there are no errors in the ordering process.

  1. You will need to pay for the webbing replacements online, and be sure to select your color and quantity for the webbing replacements.
  2. Send the old seat belts to us so that we may begin the process of repair and replacement. Including a copy of your receipt with the seat belts will ensure that we are processing the correct order for the seat belts we are receiving from you.
  3. We will initiate the process according to your order, and send the seat belts back to you as soon as possible. All within 24 hours.
Why and How We Repair
Most people understand the importance of a seat belt, but ignore the maintenance when necessary. The maintenance and repair is why we exist.
We do more than just stitching on the new webbing material. You will be sending us the entire re-tractor mechanism, and we will be disassembling it to clean it. All of the little parts and components will be inspected, as well as the latch. It will function like a new seat belt, when you receive it back in your possession. We will be putting all of the original OEM stickers back on the seat belt as well. So the belt will look like it should have been that way originally.

The Importance of Replacing the Seat Belt Webbing
There in no doubt that you have to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, which includes the seat belt. The seat belt is one of the mandatory safety devices installed in your vehicle. If the seat belt does not function as it should, you will not be able to pass safety inspections.

The seat belt is designed to protect the wearer in the instance of an accident. The belt is supposed to be tightened from any loose slack and locking you into the seat from rapid jerking movements. So the webbing material has to be in a good condition to keep you from getting injured.

A splitting, ripping, and tearing seat belt will not only be uncomfortable for the wearer, it will also come apart in the instance of a accident, where the occupants of the vehicle are faced with a lot of jerking actions from the accident.

When the seat belt is folded, it is unable to retract entirely into the mechanism. Which creates slack when not in use and flails all around the vehicle when the the vehicle is driving.

Sometimes it will get stuck in the door when you are trying to close it, and that causes not only damage to seat belt, but the door. So now you have a damaged door to deal with, from ignoring replacing or repairing a simple seat belt. Not to mention the seat belt is further damaged beyond use.

The repair of your seat belt would have only taken around a day for use to complete the task. All you have to do is send it out to us, and we will do the rest.

Old and Classic Restorations
Are you in the process of restoring an old or classic vehicle? We want to help you fulfill your hearts desires with the services we have available for you. We only offer the original OEM material for our seat belt webbings.
Don’t entrust your safety to someone that claims that they can sew up the old one. It more than likely requires more work than it appears. Our certified technicians have worked on many interior restoration projects, so they are familiar with what goes on inside of your vehicle’s restoration.
You may be thinking that you could just order the identical seat belts for your vehicle, but sadly it does not work that way. Depending on the type of vehicle and definitely the year, you may not be able to find replacement seat belts for your project. The vehicle’s manufacturer may have ceased all development of your vehicle a long time ago. Which sadly makes restoring your vehicle a little more difficult.
With our services designed to help you achieve excellency in your restoration, you send us your project vehicle’s seat belt (no matter the condition)and we will restore it with only original OEM top quality material. Allowing your vehicle to stand out like it just left the showroom floor.
Follow the steps above and visit our website here for the details on the ordering process, so that we can get you your seat belt webbing replacement sent back out to you within 24 hours. We understand how anxious these restoration projects make you feel.
Other Services
We are located in Westfield, MA and offering services nationwide for ANY vehicle make and model. We don’t just offer services for how to change seat belt webbing or how to replace seat belt webbing, we have you covered for Airbag Module Resets and Dashboard Cluster Repairs.
Note to client: The keyword “custom seat belts b-m-w” contains a grammatical error. For the sake of order completion I included with the grammatical error. Correctly it should be “custom seat belts in your BMW.”
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