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Alright everybody here is the deal, i have an 07 blizzard white crew cab with a 3' body lift, and 35' tires, black tailights, halo headlights, decal stickers, bullydog, cai, as you see in my goal with the truck is to turn it into a showtruck and take it to carshows and such. im going to add another 6' lift on top of the 3 pretty soon and get a smooth rbp grille and most likely some headers.

here is what i need some help/advice/ opinions favorite color is orange..some of my decals are orange. i was thinking about getting the grille custom colored black mesh with the border around it orange and the star orange. would that look ok or should i leave it all black?

next....i want to add some offroad lights but not really sure what kind, the size, or where to put them. i really like the rbp bar with the lights on top but if i get the grille i dont want it to cover it up..should i put them in the bottom grille?

also, i have the 20" xd rockstars, and like i said my favorite color is orange..i really want to add some orange to them because i think it would pop with the black...but not sure where i should..maybe just the star and chrome studs?? or leave them alone....

finally, any and all advice or just opinions on what else would make my truck stand out more or give it that showtruck look is greatly appreciated!!!
thanx in advance.

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