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Yes this is my first post. I spend most of my time on another Nissan forum when I am a mod so if you are interested in my online presence I'd be happy to direct you in private so as not to violate any rules about linking/posting about competitor forums. I'm happy to discuss the vehicle over the phone, please PM me and we can get in touch. I am happy provide any additional pictures or videos as well. Also I have an uncle who's a Nigerian prince and is most definitely NOT a scammer but wants to share his wealth and give you seven hundrety million dollars if you just buy my truck. . . for those without a sense of humor: that last part is a joke. Thank you for checking out my post.

$15,000 obo
Location: Houston TX
Contact: Please PM
Make/Model/Trim: Nissan TITAN SV Sport Crew Cab
Year: 2012
VIN: 1N6BA0EJ5CN301553
Mileage: 126088 (at time of posting)
Engine Type: 5.6 V8 VK56DE
Transmission Type: Automatic Part-time 4WD
Options: 4wd, fog lights, captains chairs, Sport interior trim color, white face sport gauges, foldable tonneau cover, tow package, gunmetal gray 20 oem wheels
Modifications: Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, lift and level kit.

Any Included Parts, if applicable: set of 8 spark plugs (iridium) haven't gotten a chance to change them yet. Polyurethane steering rack bushings.

Flaws (mechanical and otherwise stated in order of importance): rock chips on the front of hood and front bumper, some dings on body.

New battery (less than 1 month old). Tint on front doors is starting to peel. Front bumper and hood have lots of small rock chips. I have owned the truck since 56k miles. Under my ownership I've changed the carbon canister, vent valve, and gas cap (a known issue from the factory). I've installed new Monroe commercial grade brake pads, and performed oil changes every 7k miles with Mobile 1 synthetic. The transmission fluid was changed with Nissan Matic J and differential fluids with Mobile synthetic at 100k miles. Tires are Falken WildpeakAT3 with a good 30k or 40k miles left on them. The electronically controlled 4x4 works flawlessly and has never even in the slightest had me thinking wouldn't make it out of the sand or mud. The interior shows some signs of wear but looks very good for the mileage, there are no tears anywhere. I have never had any issues with this truck, it has served me well and mostly been a commute vehicle and family hauler with the occasional dual axle trailer or trip to the beach. I have maintained this truck religiously and looked after every aspect of it. Runs better than the day I brought it home. I am meticulous with all my vehicles. I have purchased a different vehicle and this truck doesn't get driven much so it's time for me to part with it. More images available on request

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