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Something I just noticed with my new Titan

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Hey All,
When I purchased my "old" XE titan CC, one of things that stood out was how jumpy passenger and drivers windows (power) were when I rolled them down. I really never mentioned it to dealer as I doubt they could have done anything. well, I was driving around today and noticed these windows are very smooth going down, no jump at all. I would think the LE design is same as the XE, I wonder if Nissan got some complaints and figured a fix. My Le has a build date of August where my XE had a build date of may.

Anyway, thought I would pass on the info

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I've not had any window issues. Sounds like your "old" Titan had some issues!!!
I have a mid April build, ans windows are smoothe.
maybe I did. Although there were a couple post about in on TT. So maybe it was hit and miss. When I say jumpy, I mean it just kind of jumped a little on way down. Oh well anyway, its all good!!! 8)
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