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I mentioned this in another post but I thought this would be a better place for it. There is another club that I am a member of. It is called SXFC. Southeast Frontier Xterra club. We recently changed it to allow Titans, Armadas, and Pathfinders. But anyways. The group is a great group of people from Virgina down to Miami and to New Orleans and every where in between. We are always doing something whether it is off roading or just having a little get together and grabbing something to eat. I am the only Titan member there as of right now and I want there to a ton of Titans involved. So check it out it really is alot of fun. we just recently had our Oktoberfest in Helen Ga which involved a week of camping and off roading and whatever else we could think of. We had about 24-25 Frontiers and xterras there (got my titan about 1 week after that) So like I said check it out at least. The website is Thanks for reading.
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