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Storage Compartment Question

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Does anyone know what the second storage compartment from the front of the truck is? Its the one on the ceiling behind the sunglass holder. I opened it and a small plastic piece fell out, and inside the compartment, on the top there is a piece of velcro?

I'm in the process of getting my digital camera to work, Ill post pics of the new red beast asap.
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I think it is a general storage compartment, maybe for a garage opener. I actually keep napkins in it.
I keep all my gas reciepts in mine.
Its very handy for storing my kids sunglasses :D
DeesT said:
Its very handy for storing my kids sunglasses :D
Same here...
I think that it's for garage door opener. My won't fit right (can't get the opener's switch to hit the plastic correctly).
I use mine for extra sunglasses also. I have a good pair, and a scruff up pair!
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