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Their is a good reason why I do my own work.

So last night I went ahead and did my oil ... no skid plate due to the Fabtech lift kit.. It looked simple enough.. Well I go to remove the pan bolt, and it won't budge... I go to put more umph into it.. nothing.. I break out my 3Ft 1/2 inch drive breaker bar and it took almost everything I had to break it loose.. WOW... Copper crush washer was just that, as thin as paper..

Next, I figure the filter would be even harder.. nope, it came off like any other I've changed..

The truck is an 08, and I just passed 5000 miles. I bought it in July '10
(An Army E7 ordered it as seen from Nissan of Puyallup and then deployed. He hardly got a chance to drive it. Wife didn't want to drive it. Brought it back and traded it for a smaller car)

So I figure two things.. Either Jiffy Lube (windshield sticker) over torqued the bolt with a 80#+ impact wrench, or they could get the bolt out the factory installed and just changed the filter.. unbelievable

Buy the way, the fab tech kit has a catch drain for the filter, makes it nice

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