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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on suspension upgrades to do for a 2010 Ninja 250R. Currently I'm just doing track days in B group, but since most of my bike is stock, it gets pretty bouncy and jiggly. I'm also a somewhat-new rider (riding for ~9 months), so all this technical mumbo jumbo is also new to me

What I read online (mostly from, some from various other places) and probably plan to do is:
  • change fork oil (14w oil with 140mm air gap?)
  • change fork springs (0.75kg/mm)
  • use aftermarket rear shock (probably a used one, because new ones are $$$)

Also, I'm 5'1" and about 139lbs without gear. I know I could just take it to a shop and get them to do all the hard work, but I'd like to try do forks and shock myself with friends so that I can learn

My questions are:
  • Do my 3 changes above sound like a good plan?
  • What brands of fork springs do people suggest? Currently looking at Race Tech
  • What aftermarket rear shock brands do people suggest? Currently was looking for Penske 8983 but I'm open to anything not emulsion-type and preferably with shim-stack valve
  • Would using an aftermarket rear shock be better or worse than using an EX500 or GSXR shock?
  • I found two eBay listings for a Penske 8983 shock, but one is advertised for a 2000 SV650 and the other for 2004 CBR1000rr. As long as it's Penske 8983, would it be okay regardless of what the previous owner put it on?

Sorry for the long post, but thank you in advance
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