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Tailgate assist was put on late production 2004s?

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I am reading on other forums that the tailgate assist that is on the 2005 Titan may have been put on 2004 Titans from mid-September on build dates. Anybody with a 2004 have it on their Titans?
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DeesT said:
tailgate assist? mine is the wife, "hey hun, how bout gettin that tailgate would ya?" :p
Yeah right. You might ask her that question once, but I'm sure that would be the last time!!!! LOL
rcflier97 said:
Let's not start on the coin holder bit again :roll: I'm just wondering if Nissan is going to offer a kit to put the assist on the 04.
I hope they do. That gate is heavy. It's ok if both hands are free, but if you are needing to open it with one hand full....look out! 8O
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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