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I damaged the tailgate on my red 2013 Nissan Titan SV (with backup camera) 😬, backed up to a poll that sticked out to far from the wall and put a big dent near the top left, so looking to get a replacement. Went to a body shop, they want like $2100+ for a new one (they probably get a new body and transfer all hardware over, the trim cover that run across the whole top needs to be replaced as well)

So I did some price research, I found on eBay a painted tailgate body only for $1150, claimed to be OEM part: NEW Painted To Match - Steel OEM Tailgate for 2013 2014 2015 Nissan Titan 13-15 | eBay

most parts on my current one can be transferrable except the top piece (trim cover) on the top, checked online OEM is like $265 😨 (example pic: Nissan OE 934D09FM0A - Rear Tailgate Trim Cover)

I also found this aftermarket tailgate body for $800 shipped no tax, not sure if the site is legit, and why it says for 2004 - 2014

Anyone knows what should I do here, checked junk yards and parting out cars but found none yet.

Will lower year model fits my 2013 too? I saw 2012 and back tailgate body is much cheaper...
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