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Around Town Scavenger Hunt List
Starts today get all that you can bring with you and get some along the way. Prize will be awarded Friday Night for most Points .This is all in fun please all try to play.
Find and Bring for 5 points each .
___ A receipt for 10.oo dollars worth of gas.
___ A disposable coffee cup with a business logo signed by an employee.
___ A take-out menu.
___ A free promotional pen (must have company's info on it).
___ A one cent stamp.
___ A newspaper clipping of a women's event.
___ A 1980 coin (any denomination).
___ A family recipe from a local resident.
___ A photo of an out-of-state license plate.
___ A travel insurance form.
___ A bank deposit envelope.
___ The best price for steak dinner in Your Home town.
___ how many swings are at _ The Cedar Ridge Camp grounds Play park?
___ What name is the Town of Belton named after?
___ What restaurant is open latest on Saturday nights?
___ How much is a pina colada at the local bar , name of bar and Price.
___ A pizza coupon.
___ What was missing from the Court House in Belton that they just replaced

Take Photos of the Following for 10 points each:
___ Someone walking their dog.
___ A team member pumping a stranger's gas.
___ A stranger serenading your team with an instrument.
___ Someone with more than four children (names children).
___ The smallest house you can find.
___ Graffiti in a local business' washroom.
___ Someone 65 years old or older (holding their id).
___ Team sharing one soda (every needs their own straw).
___ A local town official.
___ The longest limo (or car Truck ) you can find.
Points for these 2 points each:
___ something with veins
___ something empty
___ something scented
___ something with a hole in it
___ something plastic
___ something twisted
___ something edible
___ something curly
___ something sticky
___ something hairy
___ something sharp
___ something flat
___ something that is 10 years old
___ something that can be tied
___ something smooth
___ something with teeth
___ something that floats
___ something red

Do your best and have fun. See you at the Meet ,,,,,,

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I will take a pic of my old florida tags, and send a 1cent stamp...all for the low price of 10000 dollars.

This sounds like fun. Wish I were in Texas.
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