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1) tarps & plastic just incase of that "R" word, ropes & bungies.
2) long tables & card tables.
3) leafe blower gas or electric.
4) lots of fire wood.
5) stop watches.
6) bull horn.

Remember to bring some extra cash for the 50/50 tickets & silent auction. We have many things for the silent auction. EX: step rails, utility track cleats, some caps, & many more.

There will be a desert contest on saturday night. The desert must be made there at the camp. Absolutly no store bought deserts. That means you Cris no store cookies.

Awards will be given for best looking, best mistery mod, cleanest, dirtiest, best sound system, & best of show.
These will be voted on by the group in a silent vote.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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