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The Titan at Work. This thing is a BEAST!!!!

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Well my dad called me and wanted some help this morning. Didn't realise what I was getting into. He bought 150 landscaping blocks and needed them hauled to his place. Just look at the Beast squattin. The front end was a little light and floaty but no problems with power whatsoever. My Dodge woulda fainted under this load. I think these blocks were probably 10 to 12 lbs a piece. You will also see from these pics why I needed a truck with lots of interior room. HEH

Oh yeh No Fat Jokes.


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That's what mine looked like with 30 sheets of plywood in it, getin' ready for the hurricane.
Oh yeh No Fat Jokes.
Man I had a real zingger too!

So thats what my truck would look like if it was lowered A bit hmmmm
Looking good ayyyy!!! :lol:
Save yourself the money of lowering and but a bunch of blocks in it. lol see if you like it like that. that way you haven't waisted any money
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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