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Purchased Oct 21st, 04.

Well, hit 3000 miles, and the truck is at the dealer for the first time with a list of problems.

1) Driver side window getting stuck down (part ordered window motor)
2) Rear driver side door molding near upper part of window pealing off (part ordered)
3) Alignment slightly off (steering was not straight) (fixed)
4) All new front brake components up front (due to warpage) including rotors. (TSB) (Fixed)
5) Rattle in passenger Seat (still locating per dealer)
6) Oil Change (done)

But overall the truck has been good. I am just a real picky guy and like things perfect.

Here are a few pictures of the truck pulling my 2003 Honda Aquatrax F12x Turbo :p I just took these last weekend when I was winterizing it.

Pics go here.

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Good looking truck. I noticed you said you "catch" the nieghbors looking occasionally, :lol: :lol: THAT'S funny LOL!! Mine do that as well, so do the guys at work, my brother, etc, etc....LOL I think they just can't help it! :lol: :lol:
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