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As you saw in my previous post today, I am VERY happy with the service I received on the purchase of my tonneau bed cover.

I had researched these and had heard only one complaint about them in general: the front corners.
The design of easy removal and installation has its drawbacks. The clamping system is on the stays which are not close to the very front or the very back, but, the back seems to pull down nicely. It is the front that seems to be a problem.

I have a fix for the front corners without jamming more neoprene tape under it. It is simple and yet elegant. The front will finally lay flat.
What you need is two one inch extension springs about 5/8ths in diameter with a very stout pull and one plastic coated wire coat hanger. (I just happened to have these springs)
The front frame rail is a squared off C channel extrusion. It over hangs the edge of the front of the bed so the spring will clear it.
Take one end of the spring and hook it into the channel. Have a buddy stand out side the bed and tell him to let you know when the front corner nicely compresses the seal as you tug down on the other end of the spring.
Take note of the extension of the spring. Mine didn't need but about 3/4 of an inch of pull.
Take the coat hanger and straighten it out.
Make a tight hook with an inch long leg on one end and place it on the rear tie down cleat.
Hold it upright and cut it off about 1/4 inch taller than the top of the bed rail.
With a pair of pliers bend the wire 90 degrees at the point you have remembered that the extension of the spring held your corner down.
Remove the CH wire from the rear cleat and hook it to the front one.
(it is just easier to measure with the rear cleat and makes it possible to cut it with the tonno still on)
Pull down the spring (with needle nose pliers) and insert the wire into the eye and slide it down to the bend.
Bend down the wire to 180 degrees.

Repeat other side. Looks like it was made that way.

I used a coat hanger wire because -- it was there and it is black plastic coated and very sturdy so the hooks can be made with a simple 180 and not a wrap.
You can hardly see it and it won't rust.

Disassemles easily and stores in your glove box.

There, my first contribution to the club. :)
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