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Ok i got 100,000 miles on my 04 nissan titan king cab.

I take my truck into the woods alot on my hunting lease (alot of deep mudd holes) and i for one have been hearing some squeaking sounds when driving around. I feel its time to change the shocks..

Heres what im trying to accomplish.

1. Obviously new shocks
2. Trying to get the front leveled
3. Would like a 2 inch lift at least
4. Would like the truck to stop sagging when i put my heavy weight in it.
5. Be as less money as possible.

Now i know i gotta change all the shocks, but the front i know i have to probably change the springs.. I have read that you really dont have to change the springs but with what i want to accomplish should i?

Also the back just changing the shocks are not gonna help with sag in the back so do i need leaf spring helpers? or what?

And above all can i do this by myself or not.

If you all can give me suggestions with links to the parts that would be great!. Now my goal is not to be alot of money.. I know a full lift kit is like 900-1200 bucks. I would like to be less then that if i can.

Thanks ahead.
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