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I've seen this posted before, but only on older threads.

I have a 2007 Titan. I've had it for about 5-6 years. Suddenly, about 4 months ago (after the worst part of the winter), my truck got to where it wouldn't start when it got really cold outside. If I park it in the garage, it starts fine, but if it's really cold, or it sits for more than 12 hours, then it still takes a few cranks to get it going. Once it gets going and stays warm, the truck runs beautifully.

I've had the IDPM replaced, as well as a camshaft sensor, nothing...

It still gets kinda chilly at night out here (Idaho), so if I leave it outside, it won't start.

Weird thing: If I crank repeatedly to the point the battery starts to die, it'll turn over a little bit before it dies. I can usually do this a couple of times before the battery completely dies. At that point, if I jump start it, it will fire right up.

The battery tests out as fine, no check engine lights, and my mechanic can't figure it out. The computer that he uses to diagnose the problem says there is no problem...

Any tips?

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I am experiencing this same issue.
  • The truck would not start on cold soak in OH (20 degrees or so).
  • Replaced the IPDM and battery was dead so had to jump it with my wife's Acadia, and it fired right up.
  • Next cold morning, same issue was present, it would crank but would not start
  • Jumped it again and started right up
  • Never thought it was a battery issue b/c it cranks fine for a long time until I run out the battery.
  • Replace the batter with a new one (only paid tax cuz it was still under warranty at Costco)
  • It seemed this fixed the issue, but the symptoms returned about 10 days later.
  • This morning, it would not fire up after sitting for two days, but hasn't been too cold (about 30)
  • Jumped it and started right away
So now, I am wondering if it is the ECU. Do any of you think this may be a good option?

This issue is making me hate Nissan, although this has been the only issue I've had to deal with my Titan since I bought it new in 2007.
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