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titan XD exhaust leak,and numerous other issues.

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Has anyone had an exhaust leak problem with their titan xd/with the cummins diesel ,any of the numerous issues that these trucks are plagued with? Some times,if stuck in traffic,or sitting at a stop light,the fumes can get over whelming.Going down the road,it is not an issue.The leak appears to be coming from the area of the drivers side exhaust manifold,and if you put the truck in drive,then give it a little peddle,with your foot on the brake,you can really hear it.I have heard of a problem on these trucks,with exhaust manifold bolts breaking,causing blown gaskets.I took my truck to the dealer where I bought it,Serra Nissan,in Traverse City,Michigan,and after having it all day,the young mechanic claimed there were no exhaust leaks,so the day,plus 200 miles of driving,was a waste.This problem is getting to be quite frustrating,and if not for my bad back,and knees,I would just fix the damned thing my self.I also took it to a local muffler shop,where they confirmed my suspicions completely,but they do not work on manifolds.I have had it on a hoist,and can tell that the sound is coming from the drivers side manifold,but can not see any carbon,or trace of discoloration from the bottom.I think thank if someone was to remove the shields that cover the manifold,on top,that they would be able to see black carbon traces at the source of the leak.Purchasing this truck was the worst purchase I have ever made.I like driving it,but it has been plagued with numerous problems.When purchased new,from the dealer,I also purchased a $2,890.00 extended warranty,that is soon to expire,and have never been able to use it once,plus the warranty cost was rolled into the loan,so I also paid interest on it.That day that I took this truck to the dealer,I had a list of issues,that I need repaired,and would have been warranty elgible,but the mechanic said He could not find any issues with my truck,excpt for non warranty issues,that He estimated at nearly $5,000.00 to repair,on a truck with only 42,00 original miles.A part of those problems is that all the brake rotors,and pads need to be replaced,and only 42,000 miles,and the drivers side seat cover,that was repaced on warranty,6,000 miles ago,needs to be replaced again,but not on warranty,That seat cover alone,was estimated at over $2,500.00.I ran my 2004 chevy silverado diesel to 150,000 miles,and only replaced the brake pads once,at 125,000 miles.The seat covers were still perfect,at 150,000 miles.I have also has loss of power issues,DEF system issues,If you have to get out of someones way in a hurry,your out of luck,because if you put the peddle to the floor the engine will always die out for several seconds,then come on like a house on fire.This can be pretty scary,because it has happened to me more than once.One thing I do realy like about this truck,is that it does drive,and ride very well,going down the highway.I am 67 years old,and paid way more for this truck,than I could have bought a chevy 2500HD,or even a ford F350 for,thinking that since this should be the last truck I will need,at my age,and I would splurge and buy what I was made to believe was a cut above the rest,but that did not turn out to be a reality.Just the strees related to owning this truck,and the 6 years of $823.00 monthly payments,on social security,have taken a mental toll on both my wife,and I.Nissan is just going to quit making these trucks,and aparrently are not going to make things right with the numerous owners that have been stuck with these problem plagued trucks.I had a lot of respect for nissan as a company,but after being stuck with this problem plagued truck,My view has changed considerably,and I think that Nissan's lack of action to make it right with the many owners of these trucks,will not go unnoticed,and hurt the company's US. pressence.If I could get a reasonable price out of the truck,I would dump it in a minute,but no one I have talked to,seems to show much interest in buying one of these trucks,because the word is out,about all of the many issues with these trucks.
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