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Titen gas milage question............

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Hello everyone:
I bought a new Nissan Titan crew cab 4X4 for pulling my travel trailer. I love the truck, the room it has the power is great but the milage is not what I expected. Maybe I expect too much thats why I'm looking for your input.
My trailer when empty weighs in at an even 6000lbs. I 'm sure I dont put more then 1000lbs more in it so it cant weigh more then 7000lbs. much below the rated 9700lbs it can pull. I drive at about 60 to 65 mph. I have 3300 miles on the truck so maybe it will get better?? I've checked it twice and got 7.5 and 8.5 MPG. I was hoping for around 10mpg. I met a guy at a campgound with a Titan and a 6000lbs trailer. he said he gets 10 to 12 pulling and uses overdrive. I tried to use overdrive and as soon as I put it in overdrive my speed starts to drop. If I try to push down on the gas it downshifts right away. by the way his titan has11000 mile on it.
The dealer said he hasent had anyone tell him about any titans that pull with this issue.
Any thoughts on this would be helpfull
Greg from Mi.
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Well Greg I want to say welcome to the board. I personally do not pull with my Titan so I will have to let others answer your questions. I just wanted to say hello and glad you joined our little family. There are a lot of great people on this board and I'm sure someone will have answers for you.
I have not pulled any distance long enough to check mileage yet, but I think I would be ok with 71/2 to 81/2 mpg pulling 7000 lbs. My Ram I used to pull with that had the 5.9 gave me about 41/2 mpg!!!!

Oh yeah, welcome to the board!!!!!
Greg, welcome aboard!!!!

What's your gas mileage like unloaded?? You very well could have a problem but the dealer is only going to address it if your having mpg problems unloaded.
I don't know how much my trailer weighs, but I know the Scout I normally pull on it weighs about 5500 lbs, add the trailer and all the other crap in the scout and I probably am towing about 7500... maybe more. I've never pulled it more than 150 miles or so, but I normally fill her up before I leave, and as soon as I drop the trailer to check the mileage and I get anywhere from 9.5 to 13. I normally tow in tow mode with overdrive on at about 65-75 mph, on minor grades the tranny will occasionally hunt from 4th to 5th so i'll just slap it down into 4th. I don't know if this helps you much, but it sounds like you aren't getting the mileage you should when towing. Considering I normally average 14.5 unloaded, I'm really happy with the gas I use when towing.
I don't pull a trailer either, but let me ask: how tall is your trailer? You may just be getting a load of wind resistance when towing. You said you tow about 7k lbs; add to that the nearly 5k lbs your truck weighs and you are moving a lot of weight, not to mention the extra driveline drag that the transfer case adds to the mix. Perhaps you might have a problem with your truck, but I'm just saying that it may just be your particular circumstances that result in your low(er) gas mileage.
Thanks for the welcome

When unloaded............

I get from 12.8 to 15.2 depending if I have any highway miles or not. I'm hoping to get more when I have more miles on the truck. Did your improve after it was broke in? ( I have 3600 miles now )
God bless
Re: When unloaded............

Greg said:
I get from 12.8 to 15.2 depending if I have any highway miles or not. I'm hoping to get more when I have more miles on the truck. Did your improve after it was broke in? ( I have 3600 miles now )
God bless
Those figures are not too far off the norm for the 4x4's. I routinely get between 14.5 and 15.2 with my 4x4 so unloaded it looks like your doing fine. I would expect it to get a little better with more miles but not too much. These trucks seem to settle in fairly quickly with only a moderate gain after they get some miles. Sounds like all is good. Maybe you just had a lot of uphill while you were towing or didn't leave it in 4th gear. Are those possibilities?
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