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Trailer hitch question

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I have A question about the trailer hitch and wireing loom.When I bought the truck it did not come with A trailer hitch but I figured I could purchase one for A lot less money than Nissan was. I fould the trialer hitch but so far I havent found A wire harness for it. I was at the dealership this morning and since I was there I went to the service department to see if I could find the harness.They looked it up and said since my truck did not come with the tow package that I would have to hardwire the lights for the trailer. Last time I was underneath the truck I found A plug so I just figured I could buy the adapter and plug it right in and run it out to the trialer. I dont want to cut into the main harness. Service department said they dont offer an adapter for that model.
If anybody has any info on this or has put A trailer hith on there truck I would really appreciate it :D
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I got the harness at Pep Boys for 30 bucks. It plugs into the Titan plug and the other end is variable. I chose a combo plug; 7 pin round and 4 pin flat. The kit includes the mounting bracket for the bumper. The manufacturer is Hoppy and the part number is 40955
Can you tell me if you had to buy the relays too or did it work just like that. When I tested the plug I only had the turn signals and running lights but no brake lights.I was told you needed A relay for that but they could be wrong...Thanks
Sorry, I can't tell you because I haven't installed it yet. I'm guessing that I will have to buy the two relays, but I just haven't had the time to do the install yet.
Silverx - I was in the same place as you. I purchased a new Curt CL III hitch at a local truck accessories shop for $105, a Hoppy Part # 41155 Wiring Harness for $16, and bought both relays from the dealer for $35 (they wanted $70, but my salesman bought them at his discount and I bought them from him). The relays are for runnig lights, brake lights, and electric brake controller (I haven't gotten one, but the relay is there is I ever do). Total install time for all componets, less than 1 hour. The hitch is installed using 6 bolts that come with the hitch (you can't make a mistake), the relays just pop in (they only fit one way), and the wiring harness just clicks in. The only reason it took an hour was I had to figure out how to lower the spare tire (plus I got thirsty). I saved more doing it myself, than getting it from the factory.
Thanks for the reply rcflier97.When I bought the truck I wanted A trailer hitch but they wanted another 700 bills for it so I figured I could do it for half the price.Got to get those relays though.
Wow 70 bucks!!! Oh well gotta get em!!
I can give you the name of the place that I got my hitch from if you want it. Or just do a search for Titan trailer hitch on the net. There are many places that will sell at a great price with free shipping I think the best I saw was $130 w/free shipping. (That was before I went local). The Curt hitch is tubular steel. U-Haul also sells them, but they wanted too much after I did some shopping around. You might be able to find the relays somewhere else (I've even seen these on TitanTalk or this forum) for a better price (Ebay or local parts stores). Or try to sweet talk a salesman in getting them at his discount price and then pay him/her.
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