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I have a set of 4 Ultra Thunder Wheels 247/248 with Nitto Tires. The Wheels are 20" 6 lug X 5.5 with TPMS sensors.
2 of the Tires have about 30% left on them and the other 2 have about 15%. They are 265/60/20. I bought these rims here on Craigs-List and didn’t stop to think more about the sizing. While the lug pattern and rim size is perfect, the center hole is too small and back-space is too large to fit on my 2011 Tacoma. The only way I can use them is by using spacers and boring the center hub, which, I do not want to do.
These Wheels and Tires came of a Nissan Titan that did not have a lift. I know that these will also fit on a Chevy because of the same hub space and lug pattern.
I am looking to sell these or trade for the same or similar style wheels that will fit my Tacoma. Or, I'll trade them for a good set of A/T tires (BF Goodrich, Nitto ect) that will fit the stock 17" wheel on my Tacoma.
These wheels retail for $250-$275 each plus the TPMS sensors and tires equals >$2000!!!!
Email for more details.
[email protected]


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