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utilitrack crap!

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Hello everyone!

I have a little problem that I need help with. My Titan has the utilitrack system with the sliding floor tray. Well, the tray is a piece of crap! It is completely useless to me and I want it gone. Easy enough, right? Just unscrew it and remove it! Okay, now what about the little sliders with the bolts sticking up? How do I get rid of them? Do I have to remove the tailgate???

Can someone help?

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It would should help if you could possibly post a picture of what your talking about. I'm assuming it's the "sliders" for the tray, right? Are they too long to slide out with the tailgate down....wait a minute, that should really matter the bed of the truck is level with the tailgate. Are there any "stops" at the end of the rails?
If I have time this weekend I will take some shots of the bed, but right now I don't have any.

Okay, the problem is the tailgate is level with the bed. If you try to slide them all the way out, you get stuck when you reach the gate. I mean I could simply break the sliders (they are plastic) but I'd rather not do that in case I wanted to use it sometime in the future. I would think there would be some trick to getting them out that I just haven't figured out yet.
Okay, try this....disconnect your tailgate cables (they just slide off if you push the "lock" out of the way). That should allow your tailgate to drop just a little bit more......BUT, be CERTAIN there is NOTHING on your bumper (rocks, etc.) 8O , as there is NOT much room between it and the gate.

Let me know if that works.
i thought of that and tried it already and doesn't help. i thought there might be someone out there with the utilitrack that had the same problem. i mean, i'm sure there has to be a way to remove it without breaking it!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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