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WELCOME- Western Pa and surrounding area Titan Club

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OK, lets see if we can get something going in our little part of the Titan world! I would really like to see if we can get some sort of local club going here. Perhaps meet up occasionally, maybe help each other out doing some mods on our trucks, or what ever else anybody can come up with. I have worked with a local guy doing baseball uniforms for years, so I am sure if wanted we could get some nice prices on Tee Shirts, Hats, etc.

I guess I will start by telling you a little about myself. I drive truck for New Penn Motor Express, out of Neville Island. Have lived in New Brighton since 1979, graduated Rochester. I have coached Little League baseball for 17 years. I just quit camping last year, in favor of joining a local boat club, I have a boat and jet ski on the Beaver River. Was a member of Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club, but am thinking of joining Marion Hill Sportsman Club instead for my range shooting. Have ridden motorcycles pretty much all my life, even racing dirt bikes in my youth. I currently have a Suzuki Marauder that I don't get a chance to ride nearly as often as I would like. I am a certified mechanic and have rebuilt both auto, and marine engines, 2 and 4 stroke. I have a Daughter that is 29, Son 25, Stepson 12, granddaughters 9 and 7, grandson 1 1/2 months.

I had 3 other Nissans that gave me tremendous service, including my wifes 2000 Pathfinder. I was very excited about the Titan since the literature and statistics came out, even before it was made. I had a 96 Dodge Ram that was basically a show type truck with 3 tone paint, every ground effect you can think of, 2 tone leather, custom burl wood interior, had 40,000 miles on it, and it had NEVER seen snow. I was not sure I wanted to get rid of it. Finally the wheels and tires were needing replaced, and I was a little concerned about the way the tranny was acting. With my wife pushing like a bull dozer, I went and looked at a Titan. I only got 500 yards away from the dealership on my first test drive, and I knew this was going to be my truck.

OK fellas, I know your out there! Chime in, and lets get something going here!
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Hey there Bixll. Thanx for pointing me out to this site that I didn't know about. I live in Center Twnshp in Beaver County. I have a 2004 White XE CC that I bought back in April 2004. My brother in law bought a Colorado CC just before I bought mine. After I got the Titan he traded his Colorado for a 2004 XE KC. He lives in Butler County but frequesntly comes over this way.

I'm also in the transportation industry. I've worked for Schneider National Carriers since 1992, other than a one year break in the middle. I started as a driver (appx 6 years) and I now schedule the loading of our tankers mainly for our terminal down in Coraopolis.

When I first got my Titan I rarely saw other Titans but it seems in the last month or two they are getting more abundant. I usually see one every other day or so. I did talk to a Titan owner at the Eat 'n Park breifly about 6 months ago by the Beaver Valley Mall. Maybe the guy I talked to will read this eventually.

Anyone locally looking for a Titan I reccomend Preston in Beaver (I have no affiliation with them other than being a customer). My wife bought an Altima at West Hills and although service was great up front it seemed as though they forgot who we were after the sale. Preston offers free loaners and West Hills was honest and said they only had 2 or 3 and getting one would probably not happen. I had the rear axle replaced on my Titan at Preston and while I waited for parts I had the use of a new Dodge Ram for appx 10 days no charge.
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Welcome DHregdovic!!! Its GREAT to finally have someone in here from the area. I tell you, its been a real grind. Between dealing with the southern boys, and the Cali guys, finally a Pittsburgher! Just kidding, I think you will find a really great bunch of guys here!

I am in the exact situation as you so far as vehicles! Bought my Titan from Preston, and Altima came from West Hills. Preston has been fantastic, and they have even taken over all service work on the Altima, giving me the loaner for it when needed.

Go out to the General discussion area and intorduce yourself as a new member, letting people know who you are. Post often, keep in touch!
Hey folks...I actually just noticed this thread. I live in New Stanton, PA (both of you being truck drivers probably know where it is since almost every major road in the south western part of the state intersect here) and work in Monroeville. I'm a mechanical engineer and we do "stuff" for the Navy. I bought my Titan kind of unexpectadly in Nov. 04 from Star Chevy/Nissan in Greensburg. They gave me a good trade in on my 02 Silverado, so I brought it home.

I'm really in to ATV's. Been riding for 12 or 13 years. Anyone know good places to ride? Recently got in to snowmobiling, however this winter has been just plain awful for that. I also do some shooting and am a member of Pitcarin-Monroeville Sportsman Club.

SO far this site's been pretty useful. Did my airbox mod last night and should be ordering an exhaust pretty soon. I'm mainly in search of the ever elusive extra mpg!
You may want to give the Airaid Throttle Body Spacer a try. JetTec saw 1.2 mpg gains with it. There is a group buy on it in the general discussion area for $95.00 shipped.

Can't help on riding spots!
Turtle Creek Titan

I'm actually from Denver CO. but I'm here now. My name is Jim and I bought my Titan Mid January. I had a Nissan pickup back when they did not have a real name yet (95) right before they started calling them Frontiers. Kept it and used it well till Sept of 03 when I traded it in for a Xterra, Loved the looks of it and did have it off road once but never did get any real use out of it. Just another car to me. I bought a 05 Rincon ( Honda SUV quad) and realized that I needed a truck again so I started looking at the Titan. I'm into all sorts of things Astronomy(12" Meade LX-200 GPS), road racing(modded 3rd gen RX-7), drag racing( 1st gen with a stroked 383 small block chevy), snow boarding, rock climbing, and shooting(3 AR-15's, SKS, SW-99 in .45, Marlins, Savages, ECT). Hard to find a club that will let me shoot the way I like so I only belong to one way out in Vandergrift PA, although I go to McKeesport outdoorsman club as a guest quite often. I was a auto mechanic for 6 years way back in college and now I work with Electron microscopes and X-ray defraction equipment for Westinghouse in Churchill. I have a Volant CAI W/ram tube and Air Raid TBS in Group Buy cyber space and My eye on a Borla cat back. Lund interceptor in garage waiting for warmer weather, and still justifing in my mind the cost of 20's or 22's. This will become a huge active group when people start seeing all the New titans on the road.
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I'm Originally from Portage, PA right between Altoona and Johnstown, graduated from Penn State lived in Beaver during my internship, lived in Moon Twp. For about 2 years working at beaver Valley....took a promotion to NJ for about 2 years..(Bad idea) and now am at TMI and live in Hershey..huge Steelers Fan and I'm all about it! Let's get together!
Hey Beakerstoy. Missed your post there awhile back as I haven't had time to get on much. We may have to try to hook up sometime and do some offroading (quads or truck) or shooting. I've got a Walther P99, AK-47 and AR yet. I also work probably not far from where you live (penn center in monroeville....just go down the back hill to Turtle Creek).
Houston PA Here

Hey guys. Saw the little group of us over here is SWPA-n-at and thought I'd say HI! I live down near the Meadowland Race Track in Washington County. I have an '05 SE KC and love it. Moved up from an '00 Tundra that was becoming a Warranty Nightmare. They even replaced my axles on that truck. Anyway, Labor Day morning, Nissan had a Double Rebates program which in my case worked out to $6000.00 and I needed it to get out from under the Tundra. Got it a West Hills Nissan and YEP...Same thing here...treated me wonderful during the process but can't get them to take care of stuff if you held them at gunpoint. I had an air-bag light on the dash that blinked at me. I took it in, they told me it was a relay and they would order it and would call me when it comes in...2-3 days. That was Sept 21st and I haven't heard from them since. Also bought a part at John Sisson in Washington and took 6 days longer to get because they didn't call me when it arrived. I don't ask much...just do your job...ya know?

Anyway, I own my own Mold Remediation Company and work all over the Pittsburgh area...primarily residential and I do Powder Coating for Bikes, Cars, etc... I also have an '02 Goldwing, '00 Ninja ZX-11 and the wife has an '03 Suzuki Katana 600. Love to ride, we do the "Ride to the Wall" in DC every year and the Mid-Ohio AMA Superbike weekend in July. I have 4 kids and 3 grandkids...and I am only 38. Started young and my daughter followed my lead I guess, It's cool to be a young PawPaw. Went to the NOPI Nationals 2 weeks ago in Norwalk OH and won 3rd place with my Titan in the car show (Trucks:All Makes:Full Size:Street) and got to take it down the 1/4 mile which was awesome. Had the windows Limo tinted in the rear and sides, and the front doors are 20%. Installed a Kenwood in-dash KVT-715 DVD system...400 watt Infinity amp with 2 10" down-firing subs under the rear seat. The sound is incredible.

Would love to get an event put together for us King Titans cause they are the best looking truck on the road and I think it would blow peoples minds to see 15 or 20 of these Bad Boys pull into a parking lot somewhere or just cruising down the road in a pack. Can't wait for the snow to try out the 4X4.
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Greensburg, PA in the house! Just bought a 2004 4x2 CC XE. with 14k miles on it. It's my tow pig for my 87 Suzuki Samurai woods buggy.
Welcome to our little "Hole in the Wall" group PhatSami!!!
:fan: Greensburg is about 35 minutes from me.

Welcome and enjoy the 04 Titan!
I'm in Erie, PA... still Western PA though. :p

And PhatSami... I'm sure I know you from some other off-road board??? I bought my Titan for the same reason, to tow my Jeep!! Now I just need a trailer.

Just picked up my 06 CC LE on Saturday.
Yup, That's me! :lol: I towed a buddies Heep up to Lee's shop over the Laurel mountains and the TITAN only down shifted once. Great tow rig for our kinda towing.
Wow never saw this thread before. I live about 25 miles from Monroeville in a little town called Edmon (By Saltsburg if that Helps)

I bought my 05 Titan SE in Augest and love the truck. Hell a week after i bought mine my good friend went and bought an 05 XE.

I think it would be cool to get a meet going sometime in the spring/summer
I visit Washington, Pa on a regular basis...especially at this time of the year.

Give a holler on dates!
My name is Jon and i live in butler right now just moved back from maryland about 3 years ago. I have an 2004 KC Radiant Silver(it's the fastest color!). I am into archery hunting and of course guns. I own a couple of rifles, also own a glock 22 (service weapon) and a para ordinance stealth warthog. I also own a ruger super redhawk chambered in .454 casull. I also shoot competitive rifle (large bore & service rifle). I am also into atv riding and finding new things to put on my truck. I would love to get the western pa titans together for a meet and cruise or pirate game in the spring. That would rock. I also have a 4 year old 110lb lab that is my kid.
hey guys, what's up? My name is Carey but my friends call me Coop. I have a 2004 Blizzard White Crew Cab Se 4X4 with Offroad and Big Tow package. I live in Somerset Pa 15 minutes from Seven Springs Ski Resort. I'm a nuclar medicine technologist at Somerset Hospital. I've been married for three years to a wife that loves the Titan as much as I do!!! :D I ride motocross, I snowboard, play paintball, and enjoy fishing. Quadracer, I also bought my titan from Star Cheverlot/Nissan in Greensburg. It would be cool to have a meet and greet for all of us western Pa titan owners somewhere. You could definitely count on me and my tiatn being there!
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