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Welding spots on roof

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Yesterday, washing the truck, I found 2 welding spots on the top, rear, right side of the roof where the "groove" for water to driff down. They were painted over(factory paint?). They were not on the left side of the roof where the "groove" for water to driff down. They look like rusts spots. Any of you see this on your truck. BTY, I also see black painted caulking on it too. My truck is black. The paint look like it's original paint from manufacture.
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I hand wash my truck about every other week. I have never seen anything like that on mine. Im tall too so its not like I'm just missing it.
I would definately let the dealership check it out.
Thanks, M4ck for quick response.

I told the service dept at the dealer. They took pictures and said that they will send to Nissan. I doubt that anything will happen. I wonder that I bought a demo car.
They'll fix it for you, Nissan has already admitted it's having quality problems with this line so it would surprise me if they didn't fix it. Just don't let them "casually" forget about it, keep on them.
I have a couple small paint drops in the roof grooves. They don't bother me and I only see them when I wash the truck so I did not bother to point it out to the dealer.
Mine are really bad. The spots look like rusted spots got painted over and there are lots of caulking on the edge. It looks like they are trying to seal the leak.
I just got back from the dealer. Service manager said that he can take pictures and send to Nissan then we can go from there. He said that if Nissan agree to have the problem fix then he have to repaint the whole roof of the truck. I told him that I don't want to repaint the roof because the color might not match after 1 yr or 2. I can live with the "problem" instead of painting the roof of the truck. The service manager was very nice
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