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What do you think?

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Saw these on e-bay, I am debating on if I want to give them a try. I am thinking white on my smoke truck just might be a nice accent.
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Yeh I saw someone with pictures of the on there truck somewhere. They look ok but I worry about if they get scratched up and stuff are they gonna be rough to get off or mess the paint up.
I am not worried about them getting scratched, as how would they get scratched up on the hood? I am worried about getting them off if I decide I don't like them though.
I think they look pretty good. Wouldn't removing them be the same as removing a dealer sticker? You know, the ones they stick on your tailgate. I know folks have been able to get those off using stuff like WD40.
Well, I ordered them. For $9.00, I see what they look like!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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