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Why i love my titan

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I bought my Titan SE kc 8/23/04. Its been in the shop more than i get to drive it. The first week was a broke oil-pressure gauge. The second week was a broken ac vent. the third week broken passwnger side window motor. I love it enterprise knows me by name and my truck gets low miles. I thought i got a great deal when i bought the truck of the year, but i am seriousely regreting my choice. I hope its just a few gremlins and not a sign of whats to come. I would love to get some feed back. Thanks :cry:
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Nomad, welcome to our little corner of the world. I am sorry to hear that you have been having such bad luck with your truck. I have had virtually no problems what so ever, except for having a window molding replaced, and the radio tsb done. It sounds like your dealer is doing you ok by standing behind things that are wrong? Keep us informed on weather you continue to have problems, and if nothing else, we can give advice/moral support.
Can you give us some info on your truck. Like born on date what day it was made. That kind of stuff is nice to know for others getting one. Seems like the early made Titans have a few problems. Not sure why but it is going to happen with every new model vehicle no matter who makes it. It is part of life. That is also the risk we take when buying first year models. I know its a pain but I hope you have a good dealership and they take care of you. I have a real problem when a dealership gives a customer a hard time about getting warranty work done. If you do have problems with them don't hesitate to get a lawyer involved. Its not your problem that the truck you bought is having problems. Make sure they get it fixed to your satisfaction and proper working order. If not keep going back. If you don't feel like you are being justly treated then do like I said get a lawyer involved and also the Better Business Bureau. They are there for these reasons. Hope things work out for you in the end but dont let it get to you man.

By the way welcome aboard we are always glad to see new members. Keep coming back we have some great people here.
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Im not sure what the born on date is, i will look for it when i get it back from the shop. I have a good dealership they fix it no ?'s asked, and provide a renta car. So i cant complain there. I expeted more thats all. I love the powere the way it sits the way it drives the hole nine. Its a bad truck, and has plenty of room for the whole family.

Thanks for the welcome

ps: were can i find the born on date
Sorry to hear you are having problems. I have only had 1 problem and that is the radio issue. I have not even had it replaced because I never listen to the radio stations in my area that much. Will have it done at some point just not priority now.

Good luck with your Titan and I'm sure once these issues are taken care of you will be happy.
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