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Why I love my Titan

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Well, it just looks agressive just sitting in the driveway. I owned a Neon before the Titan. Let me just say how intimidated I was when a Titan got right up on my *** on the freeway. The only thought I had was "Ive got to get me one of dem!!!!" Oh Im 6'2" and had knee surgury about 2 years ago, I cant tell you how relieved I was when I sat in my Titan the first time. Getting in and out of that Neon was a painful on the knee, but now I got more room then i know what to do with. I also love my Titan cause it came with the L.A.T.C.H. system which will be useful in Feb when we have our twins. I could prolly go on, but Ill list more reasons later....
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Indeed, very agressive looks. That was my deciding factor on the Titan was how it looked. I love Chevy, but IMO the new body style full size really looks bad. Looking at my titan sitting next to a Silverado, the Silverado looks small and "boxy" compared to the Titan. And my kids love the Titan too. The three year old gets mad if we dont take what she calls"her truck" instead of the wifes mini van.
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