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Ok so I want to swap my wiring harness out with one from an SE... Can anyone tell me if there is a dealership in the Houston area that will help me with this, because my local one will not help. As far as I know the only thing the SE has the XE doesnt, is the Power adjustable pedals, the power seats, and the shifter and console of course. Before anyone says why don't buy a SE. The answer is because I just purchased my T and I couldnt pass up the deal they had on the XE, so here I am switching stuff out. Now can anyone tell me what parts I will probably need for this.

I dont know if the BCM is the same I know I will need a new cluster, harness, the adjustable pedal bracket, the power seats, I already have the center console and shifter. I need some assistance in this please so people chime in.

Also if people can help me figure all this out I will do a write-up incase any other XE owners want to do the swap.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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