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Hello everyone,

I purchased a 2008 Titan Crew Cab 2WD in July this year, and the engine overheated and I was way out in nowhereville, unable to get to water, so the motor got so excessively hot, its trashed. I shopped around for a good used low mileage engine, bought one, and had it shipped to a licensed auto repair shop near me. I also bought all the additional parts that were needed myself, (to keep from getting rooked by price hikes on parts they purchased) a NEW water pump, thermostat, oil, oil filter, and anti-freeze and took them to the shop on Friday, the day the engine was delivered. On Monday the mechanic called and said he would needed also be needing NEW exhaust manifold gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, and spark plugs. So I bought all those things and took them to the shop on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he called me and said the radiator was the culprit that caused the whole mess, that the spout on the top had been jerry rigged and clamped and the radiator split and it wasn't fixable, so I went that afternoon and bought a new one and took it to him. He said the truck should be ready to go by Friday, but I never heard from him. On Monday morning 9:30am, he called to tell me the engine was installed by Friday morning and they tried all day to get it to start and run BUT they couldn't get it to start. He said that they couldn't figure it out, and that they ran the scanner on it, and he THINKS its a computer issue and that I need to go buy another ECU for it, and then I'd have to drag it to the Nissan dealership and have it programmed before it would start even with another computer in it!! I was SO UPSET!! I couldn't get up there that day, as I spent ALL DAY AND EVENING online and on the phone doing my own research as to possible problems it may be, and looking for a USED ECU for it, because wanted $873 for a NEW one!!Finally on Tues, I went to the shop to try to start it myself, but the battery was so dead, I couldn't even roll all four windows completely down!! Needless to say, I was EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!! My battery shouldn't have been dead, they could/should have charged it up over the weekend, but didn't, I'm guessing was because they knew it wouldn't start and run anyway, so why bother charging the battery back up?! I removed the battery, and took it to Auto Zone to have them charge it up and test it. I had to work the last two days, so I still need to go get the battery from Auto Zone and take it back and put it in the truck, so that I can try some of the possible fixes that I read on this forum. I am going to TRY: SWAPPING THE FOG LIGHT RELAY WITH THE ECU RELAY, just to see if its a relay problem. If that's not it, then I'm going to TRY doing the ECU RESET PROCEDURE, if that fails to start it, then I'm TRYING the ENGINE IMMOBILIZER RESET PROCEDURE. That's all I've come up with thus far, (which is way more than the crappy mechanic I have chose to find out), so IF NONE OF THE ABOVE STARTS IT, does anyone here have ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS for me to TRY FIRST, BEFORE I go shell out MORE MONEY on this damn truck?!?! I would really appreciate any suggestions or help I can get right now, cuz I was really loving my new truck the first couple months, but now, a big Nissan Titan fan, I'M NOT!!

Thanks alot!!
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